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Welcome to New Orleans' newest boutique distillery, Borasso Spirits. Founded in 2017 by Head Distiller Ewan Willey, Borasso Spirits unique liquors highlight the flavors of Southern Louisiana and beyond. Ewan began working as an electrician and contractor before earning his BS from California Maritime Academy in Marine Transportation. As a boat captain he traveled the world tasting new and exotic flavors that now inform the flavor profiles of his spirits. He also learned about engineering techniques which enabled him to build a more efficient system for moving and distilling spirits.

His partner and fiancee, Laurie Fewell, is a local artist, former bartender and native New Orleanian who brings her experience in these worlds together to make Borasso Spirits much more than a craft distillery. 

Their love of music, relaxed atmosphere and  New Orleans flavors and culture

are wholeheartedly felt in their products and the special atmosphere they have created in the Circle B Bar.

We currently feature three enchanting spirits, all crafted using locally sourced ingredients. White Rum made from Louisiana's unsulphured blackstrap molasses, Tree Gin made from Cypress, Pine, and Magnolia leaves and Southeast Asian Gin made from ginger, lemongrass, and star anise. They are currently working on a selection of Vodkas which should be available in October 2023!

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